Mean-spirited short films. Weirdly Vegas.

It begins…

The Circus Jerks is an ongoing absurdly comic short film series celebrating the joys of tension and antipathy. Harkening back to the classic styles of vaudeville, film noir, slapstick and clowning, these Jerks will warm your heart with the gentle touch of blowtorch.

Award-winning Las Vegas actor and physical comedian Jimmy Slonina (founder of Untamed Theatrics) teams up with award-winning production company Light Forge Studios, and an army of creative, talented performers and artists to produce a series of comedy shorts that are uniquely funny and weirdly Vegas.


Honey! I'm Home!

A husband and wife find themselves at a catastrophic — and gastronomic — crossroads in their marriage.

The Getaway

Two bank robbers are on the run from the fuzz, but things take an existential turn.

Bundle of Joy

A mother-to-be is visited by her overreaching obstetrician; whether it’s a boy or a girl is the least of their worries.

Dick and Doll

A beautiful dame risks her safety at a private detective’s office to learn an ugly truth.

Date Night

A husband and wife hazard to spice things up in the bedroom.

Fight Night

A prizefighter, at the behest of his salty trainer, turns to unorthodox techniques to defeat his worthy opponent.

The Saloon

The denizens of an old west saloon are terrorized by a shameless cowboy.

Premieres February 4, 2019

The Milkman

The Milkman

Someone has dealt something disturbing in a quiet suburban neighborhood, but it’s the milkman who smelt it.

Premieres March 4, 2019

The Heist

The Heist

A bank robber is challenged by a teller’s act of bravery and an unseemly security system.

Premieres April 1, 2019



A wedding chapel is beset by a notable absence.

Premieres May 6, 2019

The Ventriloquist

The Ventriloquist

A clenched crisis befalls an entertainer and his sidekick.

Premieres June 3, 2019



A put-upon office worker can’t seem to brighten her own day.

Premieres July 8, 2019


The Next Circus Jerks Short

More shorts are currently in the works! Stay tuned with us for the latest!

Conceptor’s Statement


As a Las Vegas comedy performer, I’m surrounded by a wealth of wildly talented performers, many of whom are largely confined to performing nightly in their respective big production shows on the Vegas Strip. These performers and artists are hungry to stretch their creativity in new and exciting directions. So I’m roping a bunch of them in with me to make something that’s unique and fun and that has farther reach and more lasting power than a one-time live cabaret or special event.

I’m also hoping this ongoing film project will call more attention to Las Vegas as a weird but accessible creative community. More than just a city of gambling, big shows and clubs, Vegas fosters a burgeoning arts scene as well — rich with theatre, film, music, visual and performing arts.

–Jimmy Slonina

more coming soon!

More Jerks shorts are in the works, so stay tuned here for updates, screenings, and new releases.

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