About 2 minutes each.
Now THAT'S short!

About 2 minutes each.
Now THAT’S short!

Honey! I'm Home!

A husband and wife find themselves at a catastrophic — and gastronomic — crossroads in their marriage.

The Getaway

Two bank robbers are on the run from the fuzz, but things take an existential turn.

Bundle of Joy

A mother-to-be is visited by her overreaching obstetrician; whether it’s a boy or a girl is the least of their worries.

Dick and Doll

A beautiful dame risks her safety at a private detective’s office to learn an ugly truth.

Date Night

A husband and wife hazard to spice things up in the bedroom.

Fight Night

A prizefighter, at the behest of his salty trainer, turns to unorthodox techniques to defeat his worthy opponent.

The Saloon

The denizens of an old west saloon are terrorized by a shameless cowboy.

The Milkman

Someone has dealt something disturbing in a quiet suburban neighborhood, but it’s the milkman who smelt it.

The Heist

A bank robber is challenged by a teller’s act of bravery and an unseemly security system.


A wedding chapel is beset by a notable absence.

The Ventriloquist

A clenched crisis befalls an entertainer and his sidekick.


A put-upon office worker can’t seem to brighten her own day.


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